burel fabric


Burel is a traditional Portuguese fabric made from 100% pure sheep wool, always connected to Region of Serra da Estrela (highest mountain in Portugal), mountains and shepherds with their handmade covers.

The authenticity of the Burel is a result of a specific sequence of operations in the manufacturing process. The wool after being sheared, washed, spun, worped and woven in a loom of shuttle, will be pounded and scalded on a machine called “Pisão”. This operation – “pisoar” – will transform the tissue in Burel, make him more tight, resistant and waterproof.

Sale of burel fabric by meter.

WIDTH: between 1,50m and 1,60m / GRAMAGE: 800gr/m2

Price: under request

100% Wool Bordaleira Sheep, Serra da Estrela
Wash at the maximum temperature of 30ºC Do not use chlorine-based bleach Ironing at a maximum temperature of 110 ° C Use Hydrocarbon or Perichlorethylene Dryer not allowed

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